Part 3:
The concept of a unifying emotional spectrum that is perhaps darker and less flattering interests me because concepts of sexual deviancy and depression make humanity as a collective feel individually uncomfortable: as if they are contemplating or discussing something that others will disapprove of. This creates a dichotomy of individual and collective reflection upon deeply personal sentiments that are nonetheless ubiquitous. Celestial abstraction is a visually striking way to present this, though I feel myself falling further and further away from this metaphor as it feels a bit contrived. Instead, I think my work is focusing more on pure abstraction before I introduce characters through the multimedia aspect of this project: the integration of photography into paintings. This piece was a collaboration with graffiti Maska and Nite Owl.

Constellations 3
with Maska, Nite Owl
18" x 38"
Oil, Acrylic, Aerosol on Canvas